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Visit our swimming pool on site in Borovoye. Suitable for the whole family!


For people who love to relax

A pool where clean water and a warm atmosphere come together in our indoor pool. Discover an oasis of tranquility within the confines of our hotel.

Cleanest and warmest swimming pool inside the hotel

Our pool is not just a place to swim, it is the perfect combination of cleanliness and comfort. We pride ourselves on providing the purest water possible through regular treatment and filtration. You can enjoy swimming knowing that the water around you maintains high standards of cleanliness.

The warm water of the pool creates a cozy atmosphere, inviting guests to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation. The pleasant water temperature allows you to forget about all your worries and enjoy a good rest at any time of the year.

Comfortable temperature
For all ages
Daily cleaning
Large area
We invite you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility with us. Our indoor pool is the perfect place to relax and recover after a busy day, creating a unique experience that you will remember for years to come.